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Alicia Keys- Tears Always Win


*Taylor Swift attempts to twerk* 

White People: YAAASSSS TAYLOR! I love it, she’s so quirky and bold expressing herself.

*Nicki Minaj Slays the earth twerking*

White People: OMG WHAT A TRASHY SLUT. And you wonder why men see you as an sexual object. SUCH A WHORE.

  • north american education system: COLLEGE???? COLLEGE COLLEGE
  • north american education system: COLLEGE
  • north american education system: *points at 16-year-old* WHAT YOU WANT DO WHEN IN COLLEGE?!?
  • north american education system: *picks up 7-year-old* WHY NOT THINK ABOUT COLLEGE!??!? COLLEGE
  • north american education system: *throws infant against the wall* YOU GOING TO COLLEGE



i feel like the shows i watched as a kid and preteen were significantly more likely to be about a black character and focus on a black family (with their fair share of black girls) than the shows i watch today



What an inspiration

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more than friends


Corinne Bailey Rae - Que Sera Sera



The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 2x09 - “Cased Up” (November 11, 1991)

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Back and Forth - Aaliyah


people forget that self identification is identification of what you see yourself as, your context and knowledge you have aquired therein.
therefore you cant force people to identify as something they have no backdrop and inner dialogue for.
first you get people widely accessible information on their roots and history, then they decide for themselves what they call themselves.
yelling be x,y,z without helping parents and educators lay down ground work for themselves, much less their kids, isnt “closer to the goal”.
nobody is tryina hear strangers dictate their life on shit they dont have information on. hello.
in the meantime, if dominicans say they all chartreuse unicorns, does that erase their provenance or our place in the afrodiaspora and global imperialist landscape?
will everyone acknowledging and respecting blackness do it? maybe. but last i checked you havent got that shit figured out any damn where.
and it didnt save us from bein enslaved and chained to the bottom of ships.


american horror story: the police


occupation: inappropriate friend who makes sexual jokes despite being a fucking virgin




i cant believe this

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