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2) by Franco Matticchio

3) by Chris Peters

4) by Eric De Barros on Tumblr

5) googlemonster by Asaf Hanuka

6) by Milo Manara

7) by nakedpastor on Tumblr

8) News by Emanuele  Simonelli

9) Proscaenia by Dino Valls

10) Yin Yang of World Hunger by Deevad 

I love art like this

"Midnight thoughts that murder the soul."

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Beautiful example of the wonders of Dominican spanish. Loosely translated as a doubtful “supposedly.” Derived from the contraption of “dice que” often used with a sarcastic undertone, but not always necessary. Can be used in Spanish and Spanglish

"Dique she was going on a diet…Dique"

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~ To Be Heard | A Documentary


Three teens from the Bronx tell their stories of friendship, love and struggle, and show how a radical poetry class can ignite change.

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Angel Haze - Same Love

"At age thirteen, my mom knew I wasn’t straight
She didn’t understand but she had so much to say
She sat me on the couch, looked me straight in my face
And said you’ll burn in hell or probably die of AIDS”

Pansexual rapper exchanges Mackelmore’s no-homo lyrics for a freestyle about her experience as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

~ 19 Reasons Latin Americans Come To The U.S. That Have Nothing To Do With The American Dream


1. Took over almost half of Mexico

2. Colonized Puerto Rico in 1898
3. Took over Cuba, put a naval base there, and only left when the new government allowed them the right to intervene at will
4. Invaded and occupied Cuba two more times
5. Invaded Nicaragua and occupied the country for two decades
6. Invaded Haiti and occupied the country for nearly 20 years
7. Invaded the Dominican Republic in 1916
8. Overthrew Guatemala’s elected government in 1954

"Drink some warm Coca-Cola"

My dad’s cure for every sickness